Action Planning Facilitation

The need for strategic action planning is included within, or following, many facilitated processes. ATC’s professional facilitators guide groups to formulate actions necessary to achieve the group’s desired outcomes.

This is very important. If you leave a strategic planning session, for example, without a set of initial action steps, progress between this meeting and the next can be very limited.
Strategic facilitation processes and methods are used, including:
  • Breakthrough decision making and problem solving
  •  Priority setting
  • Examination of decision interdependencies
The resulting action items can then be constructed with sufficient detail to allow the group to assign responsibilities and deadlines, and follow up on progress.
This step is critical. To quote:
“Vision without action is simply a dream.
Action without vision just passes the time.
Vision with action can change the world!”
                                                by Joel Barker,
Power of Vision

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