Why Is Good Customer Service Important - Tips, Examples, and Keys to Better Customer Service

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Much is at stake based on our ability to provide good customer service and better customer service than our competitors.  Why is good customer service important?  Our future business depends on it.

  • Return business – the next time our customer is in need of a solution that matches our products and services, we want our company to be the one that comes to mind
  • More business – more than just customer retention, deeper penetration within our existing customers’ organizations is a powerful motivator to provide excellent customer service
  • New business – the reputation of our customer service, combined with excellent products and/or services, creates new customer opportunities

Technology and innovation can be excellent attractors for customers. The pace of technology continues to accelerate, becoming available more quickly across industries. We need other elements that differentiate us from competition.  Excellent customer service can make the difference.

Call center or contact center training is very important to demonstrate customer care. ATC has developed a special portfolio of customer service training courses to meet these needs. These span the range from the front line customer service representatives to escalation specialists, including customer service call center management training. All are important for delivering the best customer experience.

ATC customer service training programs are readily customized to meet specific needs. From high-tech companies to challenging areas such as law enforcement, ATC puts the customer service concepts into a context suited for the mission of each organization. 

Beginning with how to define customer service for a specific customer application, concepts & practical customer service skills are brought to life for learners through:

Customer service soft skills: (More on ATC Soft Skills Training)

  • Communicating effectively with the customer, including challenging conversations
  • Setting and resetting customer expectations
  • Delighting the customer
  • Building customer confidence
  • Providing a winning customer experience
  • Growing the customer relationship
  • Managing opportunities
  • Meeting the customer’s needs with a team approach

Examples of good customer service show possibilities:

“Use your good judgment in all situations. There will be no additional rules.” (Nordstrom Inc.)
“Spontaneous service brings joy to both receiver and giver. Good customer service has to come from people who like people and enjoy being nice to them. It starts at the top.” (Neiman-Marcus)

“Positively Outrageous Service is a matter of choice. It involves giving of your time and talent while performing your job; it is a true reflection of how you live your life day to day.” (Southwest Airlines)

Example Keys to good customer service:

     Fulfill the person’s six basic needs:
  • Fairness
  • Friendliness
  • Understanding
  • Control
  • Options
  • Information

Sample Tips for good customer service are illustrated and practiced throughout the customer service training: 

  • Project a winning telephone style
  • Deliver more than you promise
  • Meet your commitments
  • Express empathy
  • Go the extra mile
  • Make eye contact
  • Provide information that truly informs

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