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Reflections from Good to Great and Beyond Great, part 14

As we discussed last time, our desire is for a spiritual foundation that will successfully underpin our organizations.

True transformation happens when there is a change of character/nature. 

Now, to consider transformation for a company, we will need to think deeply about how it can experience a change of character.
We can see that corporate transformation will not be found in a single model. 
Given that, it is useful to have a process. That is where Beyond Great fits in. Instead of trying to fit into a model, we will be working on steps to help the transformation emerge from within. 
We are talking about a process. We are talking about a journey. Our purpose is to transform the corporation to a higher purpose. 
On our journey we will include these major pieces:
  • How we think — Transforming truth
   Transforming focus
  • Our practices regarding people — Transforming leadership
Transforming teams
  • Our ability to act and press forward — Transforming discipline
Transforming perseverance
How can we transform our company to the higher purpose of its potential? That is our question.

Larry Meeker
President, Advanced Team Concepts



Reflections from Good to Great and Beyond Great, part 13

With Beyond Great we are shooting for more. We want a spiritual foundation that will underpin our business practices and set the stage for real impact.   

The basis of true transformation is the acquisition of a new nature. In other words, we replace the old nature with a new one.
The difference between “conformed” and “transformed” may be clearer with a simple example from nature.
A chameleon may change its color, but by nature it is still the same chameleon—it is not transformed. It is destined to always be a chameleon. It may grow bigger. Its colors may vary to “conform” to its surroundings, but it is still the same creature. It is always going to be a chameleon.
Now consider a caterpillar. It starts life having one nature, but along the way it undergoes a fundamental change, a “transformation.” It becomes a new creation. Thus, what starts as a caterpillar experiences a radical change in its nature, becoming a thing of real beauty, a butterfly.  
Schema – (Greek) an outer change in appearance only.
Metamorphoo – (Greek) an outer change as a result of the inner nature.
The transformation to a butterfly is something beautiful and amazing. The metaphor of the butterfly is powerful at another level, too. 
It is awesome to realize that the caterpillar has everything it needs in terms of potential already within it. It is born equipped with the DNA and ability to make this beautiful transformation. 
In a similar fashion, we can transform—within our hearts we already have the potential.
More to come...

Larry Meeker
President, Advanced Team Concepts



Reflections from Good to Great and Beyond Great, part 12

As mentioned last time, Good to Great
 brought eleven companies to the surface from their research and findings as “great.” These groups offer wonderful examples. Their models and knowledge are validated with financial performance data. 

We are not trying to dissuade you from examining models and studying great examples and cases. You can pick up important insights and techniques. 
Look at them for clues to behaviors and practices that can deliver better outcomes. Applying some of their lessons can be useful in our companies. Simply keep in mind that this is an attempt to “conform” to, or apply, their best practices.
Our point is that just conforming to the patterns of others might miss the true potential of your company. To stretch to greatness and beyond, we are after a true transformation. We want to embrace principles that let us emerge as something different. This can enable us to discover and unlock our maximum potential.
It is More Than Benchmarking
You are probably familiar with benchmarking. Over the past couple of decades many companies began to create formal processes to “benchmark” from other companies, even competitors. That strategy evolved.
  1. The goal at first was to learn techniques and processes that would enable a company to obtain similar results to the company being “benchmarked.” 
  2. Savvy leaders saw that the goal of benchmarking should be more. What competitive use was it simply to “conform”—reach an equitable level with another company? The goal should be to learn from the others in order to leap past them. The target/goal for benchmarking was raised.  
So, as we study and embrace examples of “great” companies and the models that result, our eyes should be on a loftier goal. We should use what we learn in order to stretch even beyond the levels of greatness achieved by the groups we are studying.
We won’t just copy the tactics and processes of successful companies. We will explore a deeper meaning for our actions.
More to come...

Larry Meeker
President, Advanced Team Concepts



Reflections from Good to Great and Beyond Great, part 11

Welcome back. I hope your Christmas and New Year breaks and celebrations were great. We are ready to press on with our discussions for reshaping our leadership paradigms.

We left off before the holidays preparing to discuss transformation. Specifically, we talked about challenges of change, but recognizing that transformation might be the goal.
So, What about Transformation?
As we prepare to discuss deep transformation in ourselves and our organizations, we will know that it is important to understand those strategies for navigating the challenges of change we have discussed. They will apply to some degree. 
Our capacity to help people see the new reality we are striving for will be important among those strategies.
  • It will help them participate
  • It will enable them to have personal power to contribute
  • We need them on-board as we seek a supremely better future state for the company
As we have moved in our discussion toward “Corporate Transformation,” we recognized that it involves two parts—personal and organizational. 
With this in mind, prepare to start with you.  Start with your heart.  Work on strengthening your commitment to a preferred future.  Your own vision can be a powerful and compelling motivation.
It is important to recognize that it is a big deal, too, this goal to transform. It is more than just trying to conform to what appears to work for others.  There is a huge difference between conformation (apply) and transformation (become).  We can “apply” models and techniques in our efforts to improve. That is conforming—adopting the practices and suggestions that have been offered.
In past posts, we've referenced Good to Great several times. Collins and team illuminated eleven companies surfaced from their research and findings as “great.” These groups offer wonderful examples. Their models and knowledge are validated with financial performance data. 
In the next post we will discuss that type of study and the real goal for using the information learned. 
Stay tuned.

Larry Meeker
President, Advanced Team Concepts




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