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Reflections from Good to Great and Beyond Great, part 18

Our focus of this discussion in recent weeks has been personal preparation. A lot of work remains, and we will explore it in later weeks, but as we've noted, the ground should be prepared for success.

We need to move forward intentionally and with discipline. We need to understand the nature of transformation. 
  • It is a process. The inner nature may change, but the outer evidence of it takes time.
  •  Transformational change is radical. People can see and detect the difference.
  • It requires perseverance and work to come to fruition.
This post and this series are intended as business pieces, not with the intentional theological focus that we sometimes take. Some people may not own it or allow it, but our business lives and our spiritual lives are not mutually exclusive. We may try to keep them in separate boxes, but they are not.
It is intriguing that in Good to Great and other books, there are hints that transformation involves something larger than oneself. The exact source goes unidentified, or it is attributed to luck. Sadly, the true source of greatness and success is missed. Unfortunately it can come across as some sort of new-age mystical thing. People/writers skirt the edges of this important topic, our spiritual dimension, without taking a stand.
I would be remiss if I were not transparent with you regarding where I stand on this. The most powerful personal transformation is when a person commits his or her life to Jesus Christ—that point begins a special and personal relationship with him as a personal Savior.
A Life Focused on Christ Brings about Transformation
In Beyond Great, we strove to acknowledge the essence and source of this greatest of all personal transformations. 
Extraordinary results are possible; in fact, supernatural results are also possible if true transformation occurs.
Through our own efforts we can make changes, but it is God who transforms. 
Equipped with Him, we are powerfully enabled and prepared to begin the work of transforming a corporation or other organization.
 Many thanks,
Larry Meeker
President, Advanced Team Concepts

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