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This is a new blog on Advanced Team Concepts’ website. We feel it is a critical time to be in dialogue on issues important to organizations.

Within the USA and much of the world, we are in a period of change that is dramatic.
Change is certainly not new to any of us, but the pace of change has really been accelerating. To keep pace, it may be important for all of us to keep our finger on the pulse of what is transforming around us.
This particular period also finds countries and companies trying to emerge from a long season of economic trouble and challenge. As with many similar periods in the past, this can leave the heads of leaders spinning with questions:
·         Where to go from here?
·         What now should be driving our priorities?
·         After restructuring and downsizing, how can the survivors cope and continue?
In the coming weeks we will include postings on relevant leadership topics, advice and thoughts from our coaching experts, and possibly other organizational development topics. Key members of the Advanced Team Concepts team will be contributing. We look forward to your comments and suggestions as we go.
Larry Meeker
President, Advanced Team Concepts
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