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Team Building - Activity of the Month
The Star
12/16/2009 5:28:36 PM Link 1 comment | Add comment

This is another initiative that can be done just about anywhere. This is a great activity to follow the exercise posted on 12/07/2009, which was the Blind Polygon. It uses the same rope as the prop. Any number of people will work, but using a smaller number, such as 7 or 8, can lead to some important dialogue about how team size can impact the time necessary to accomplish tasks and projects. If you have a larger group which you use as one team for the Blind Polygon, you can split the group up into two units for The Star, and really see the contrast on team size. 

After thoroughly debriefing the Blind Polygon, notify the group that since they have discovered many important principles about working together, you would like to see them put it into practice on another rope activity. Have them pick the same rope up, or you might want to provide them with a slightly longer rope. It should still be knotted into a circle. Now, instruct the team to form a five point star, with all of the crosses, just like they would draw it paper without lifting the pencil. Tell them that because this is more complex, they can leave the blindfolds off. 
The same rules still apply. Team members are allowed to slide their hands along the rope, but they are not allowed to hand the rope back and forth, or to take up a different position on the rope. Even with their vision, this can be quite a challenge. Many groups have to start over, some more than once, before being successful.
40 ft. or longer rope - Use a good quality, soft nylon rope, approximately 1/2 “ diameter. A longer rope is necessary for large groups.
Safety tips:
Nobody should pull rope quickly as it could cause rope burns.
Processing points:
  • The importance of adequate information when working on projects.
    • Ask, "As project complexity goes up, what happens relative to your need for information?"
    • How did information flow in this exercise?
    • What are areas you might improve in the information flow in your workplace?
    • How might you accomplisht that?
  • Because of the contrast to the Blind Polygon, you can process excellent points about the importance of information, particularly as complexity of a project increases. Ask them how they would have progressed if you had taken away a source of information by using the blindfolds. Most will admit that it might have been impossible.
  • Leadership
    • Ask them to describe the leadership during the activity.
    • What worked well?
    • What additional leadership might help in complex work projects?
  • Decision making
    • How were decisions made?
    • How do you overcome differences of opinions when making decisions?
  • Communication
    • Describe the communications on the activity.
    • How did it compare to your communication at work?
    • What are obstacles to effective communication?
    • How can you overcome those?
Best of luck with this activity and the blind polygon,



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