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The Need for Vision
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The need for “vision”, or “purpose”, within organizations is very real. Most enterprises are going through major changes, searching for more effective ways to win in their markets, or to more efficiently provide high quality goods and services. 

Organizational change is always accompanied by a range of emotional responses by the people who are impacted by the change. 


These are commonly described as periods of denial, followed by resistance. These responses are then followed by a period of exploration regarding the possibilities associated with the changes, followed by moving forward toward the future, with the changes. In recognizing that these stages of change will occur, it would be in the best interest of the effected teams if they could move through the unproductive early stages of the cycle as quickly as possible, on to the exploration and acceptance of the change. 

Vision, or purpose, is one of the most compelling forces to move a team or individuals through the reaction to change. People tend to deny and resist change to lesser extent when there exists a compelling purpose, or vision, beyond the change.

 In many organizations, vision planning is thought to be the work of the company's leaders. There are, however, some interesting and contrasting views regarding where a vision should be created. We will examine these on the next post.
To neglect helping individual teams develop their "vision for greatness" may miss the opportunity to have the teams take ownership in the future of the enterprise.
We will spend a couple of weeks exploring this topic.
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1/20/2010 1:42:56 PM
Glad to see this visioning process included in the blog. Will you include more detail?
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