Organizational transformation

Organizational transformation can represent several things. Certainly it deals with change. But more than reacting to change, it can also stand for proactive renovation in preparation for the future.

Change is not new to any of us, but the pace of change has really accelerated. To keep up, it may be important for all of us to keep our finger on the pulse of what is transforming around us.
Within much of the world, we are in a period of dramatic change.
Countries and companies are emerging from a long season of economic trouble and challenge. As with many similar periods in the past, this can leave the heads of leaders spinning with questions:
  • Where to go from here?
  • What now should be driving our priorities?
  • After restructuring and downsizing, how can the survivors cope and continue?
ATC can provide structured facilitation and processes that can guide your organizational leaders in designing a course of organizational transformation for your company. Our professional facilitators can design the most effective facilitation interventions based on your organization’s needs and leading edge meeting facilitation technologies.

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