Strategic Planning Facilitation

What is the definition of strategic planning? It is an organization’s process for defining its mission and then creating a vision and direction for the future.. It then includes processes for  creating and pursuing organizational goals and allocating resources appropriately.

It is an important planning process for all businesses and organizations. Facilitated well, it provides rich insights into areas such as:
  • Areas of excellence within the organization
  • Key drivers of the organization’s economics
  • Areas of passion that can be key to success
These discoveries then lead to specific outcomes that become guidance for the organization’s decision making:
  • Mission – the work of the organization
  • Vision – the ideal direction
  • Actions – essential plans to move in the desired direction/vision
ATC professional are experts in facilitating strategic planning sessions that can give guidance to your planning team. We combine structured facilitation processes that reflect on key past achievements and outcomes with processes and facilitation methods that allow groups to diverge creatively to explore possibilities. Strategic facilitation then assists groups in converging upon a solid strategic plan.

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