Training for Facilitators and Trainers

ATC professional facilitators have a passion for facilitator training and training for trainers. For facilitators, this can range from instruction for basic meeting facilitation skills or more advanced facilitation training. For trainers, it can involve preparation in specific curriculum teaching requirements and/or instruction in adult learning theory and skills.

ATC’s facilitation training can embed within your organization key skills and capacities for future training and workshop facilitation requirements. Key facilitation skills can be very useful to guide teams in their day-to-day meetings, in addition to specific facilitation processes and methods that your groups may require. ATC can equip your team with knowledge in the range of delivery modes, including:
  • In-class delivery of training or facilitation
  • Virtual training or facilitation, with delivery over internet platforms
ATC can provide training for your professionals that is customized to your specific needs and desires.
  • Group training that equips your team of facilitators and trainers
  • One-on-one training to equip individual facilitators and trainers in your group
  • Coaching and/or auditing to assist your trainers and facilitators
  • In-class or virtual training
Let ATC design a specialized training or facilitation course for your organization.

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