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Advanced Team Concepts can provide you with additional writing curriculum and instruction to help you continue to improve your written communication. In particular, these advanced writing classes will help you to be more effective in composing highly complex information in a manner that will serve your readers/customers well. The goal in challenging and complex written communication is to facilitate the customers' understanding of the messages. We have designed and delivered technical writing skills classes for many areas of professional specialty.  Examples include Federal Law Enforcement leaders, customer service managers and specialists, technology experts, and many others.
ATC Advanced Business Writing classes have a primary focus on innovative skills for effectively composing information. Typical courses include four half-day sessions over a four week period. In-class writing is supplemented with assignments between classes, allowing practice of each skill area.
Example areas focusing on composition include:
  • Organizing the flow of information
  • Keeping information simple and concise
  • Writing creatively
  • Completing complex writing assignments
  • Writing with a team—how to divide and conquer those major projects
  • Proof reading—polishing your work
Attention to English grammar and sentence structure is never ignored in ATC writing, even in the Advanced Business Writing classes. Homework assignments are always reviewed for grammar and structure as well as composition and logic. Feedback is then provided as needed.
Example advanced topics of grammar and structure can include:
  • Complex Sentences
  • Adverbial clauses
  • Conjunctions, including subordinating conjunctions—connecting thoughts effectively
Participants will be encouraged to utilize actual writing projects for some of their assignments during the series of classes.

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