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All of our customers are sensitive to the need for effective business writing skills in today's marketplace. Business writing for many organizations is the major vehicle for the flow of information, both within the company and with customers and/or service providers and vendors. With the advancement of technology, the communication and exchange of written information is mostly electronic.

At Advanced Team Concepts, we continue to expand the range of curriculum we offer to support this vital area of communication effective business writing skills. Click on any of the following tabs to view a few of the options:
Effective Business Writing, our most popular professional writing course
Virtual Instructor Led Effective Business Writing courses (This makes both domestic and international training cost effective by allowing facilitators and learners to communicate virtually.)
Each of these will contain focused levels of attention to business writing skills. The classes contain many business writing tips to enable quick and immediate improvements for email, business letters, business communication and much more. (Click here for examples of creative technical writing tips.)
Business email etiquette and professionalism is critical. Every time employees hit "send" they are sending an image of the company and the professionalism of the organization. The reader (certainly customers) can make critical judgments about the company based on the first impressions from email and other written correspondence, including:
  • Professionalism
  • Quality and attention to detail
  • Level of understanding of the customer and issues
  • Sensitivity to the busy schedules the customer faces day-to-day
  • Ability to organize and communicate complex issues
  • Much more...
Advanced Team Concepts can provide you with standard or highly customized writing curriculum and instruction at many levels. Many times writers need assistance with basic English grammar lessons. ATC classes are designed to assist in this area, for example when English is not the first language of the learners. In other cases, the goal for the learners may be to more effectively compose even highly complex information in a manner that will serve their readers/customers well and facilitate understanding of the messages. Highly specialized writing challenges are also addressed by ATC expert curriculum designers. We have designed and delivered technical writing skills classes for many areas of professional specialty.  Examples include Federal Law Enforcement leaders, customer service managers and specialists, technology experts, and many others.

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