English Grammar Lessons for Business Writing

An Essential Foundation for Business Writing

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Sloppy attention to English grammar and sentence structure of written communication is not acceptable in today's business communications. You may have information to share that is extremely valuable to the readers, so it is unfortunate if their focus is disrupted by poor spelling, punctuation errors, and other basic writing mistakes.
The technology we have to create and transmit written information is fabulous. However, it is all too easy to slip into the trap of thinking that "spell check" and "grammar check" will give you perfection with the basics of your correspondence. It will not. The writer needs to make sure the writing is correct.
It is critical that writers possess and use a strong foundation in the language.
ATC's courses provide instruction in this important topic. We do not leave it to chance, even in our more advanced business writing classes. Here is a snapshot of what is covered in the context of business writing classes by Advanced Team Concepts.
Correct usage of each type of noun  
Pronouns (both plural and singular)
When, where and how to substitute words in place of a noun
Verbs (including subject-verb agreement)
Bringing information to life with the correct use of verbs
Verb Tenses
Expressing information correctly relative to time
Modifiers (including Adjectives & Adverbs)
Using modifiers correctly can give readers abundant additional information that can be critical to their understanding of the written message
These and other categories of words allow us to share complex thoughts that modify and amplify the message being communicated
The many forms of punctuation determine the flow and rythmn of the written business communication 
When and how to correctly use capital letters
Abbreviations and Acronyms
How to calibrate your reader to prevent misunderstanding 
These and more are essential complements to the logic and structure of your composition. Together they help you write in a fashion that is clear and accurate. ATC facilitators provide individual attention as challenges surface during the classes.
Please contact the professionals at ATC today so that we might assist your people in this critical area of written communication. 

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