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The most popular "email" focused course from Advanced Team Concepts is a one-day class with high focus on specific challenges and solutions for email writing. Email Writing That Delivers has successfully helped people at all organizational levels make solid gains in their capacity to write and manage email effectively.
It has always been said that, "We only have one chance to make a first impression." In today's business world, that first impression is often in the form of an email.
This critical first impression is not just of the person hitting send, but potentially the entire organization. This may be the receiver/customer's first inside look at the company's:
  • Professionalism — including the desire to create a professional image. If basic written information is not professional, how can the potential customer assume that you will represent your work with them professionally?
  • Quality and attention to detail — for some readers, sloppy attention to the English grammar and structure of written communication will raise questions about your group's attention to quality in other areas of business.
  • Level of understanding of the customer and issues — it should be clear that the writer grasps the topic being discussed and the customers' areas of interest.
  • Sensitivity to the busy schedules the customer faces day-to-day — many business leaders report that they are consumed with email. Concise and efficient emails can make a powerful and positive impression.
  • Ability to organize and communicate complex issues — most readers will not have time or patience to try to sort out the writer's intent. Logical organization of information is critical.
Logic and composition can then be combined with workplace and business email etiquette to further help the reader and make a strong impression. Here are but a few samples of simple but important etiquette tips:
  • Clearly describe your message in the subject line area
  • Avoid using all capital letters
  • Use fonts or colors that will be perceived as professional
  • Be brief and clear

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