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ATC Effective Business Writing classes are designed to assist writers with many challenging areas, from English grammar lessons to effective composition of highly complex information in a manner that will serve their readers/customers well and facilitate understanding of the messages.

Each class is loaded with creative business writing tips. These business writing tips are valuable because they enable the learners to experience immediate improvement in their business writing, even as they continue studying and practicing the additional business writing fundamentals.

Creative business writing tips include ways to make your communication visually appealing and easy to read:
Compose the information in a fashion that is logical and easy for the reader to follow. 
Construct your paragraphs carefully.  Check to see that your paragraph breaks are clear by:

- Indenting the first line of each paragraph

- Providing a blank line between paragraphs

Grammar & Spelling
Be sure to use your spell check and grammar check options. For a really critical message, have someone else proof the email for accuracy. The spell/grammar checks are not foolproof. Be careful about words that sound or look similar but have different meanings. 
White Space and Bullets       
It can be helpful to use blank lines and bullets to introduce key points. This makes it easier for the reader to take in all of the information, and it also adds visual appeal. 
Pick a font and type size that is easy to read. Times New Roman and Arial are good choices. 
Use even margins if you are writing your email on a word processor. This adds symmetry and visual appeal to the document.
Professional Appearance
All of the above factors are important to giving the document a professional appearance. This can create a very important impression on the audience.
Composition Tips 
Another category of importance is composition. We provide models and tips to help you have impact through your process for composing even highly technical information. Here are a few example areas:
  • Define the audience.
  • Define what is expected from the email, letter or report. What is the bottom line for the reader?
  • Define the purpose in writing to this person(s) on this topic. State it upfront in your message.
  • Determine the appropriate composition format for the correspondence. 
  • Open by briefly and clearly defining the purpose of the email and/or a clear statement of the problem to be addressed.
 All of ATC's Creative Technical Business Writing tips are presented to create an acceleration of professionalism in their written communication, especially email.

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