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Effective Business Writing is a series of classroom sessions, combined with homework activities and writing, designed to enable success with the specific writing challenges that are common in the day-to-day work of any organization. 

What does Effective Business Writing do for its participants?
  • Establishes the foundation for effective writing, grounded in the applicable rules and principles of the English language (or Spanish) combined with sentence structure and composition principles 
  • Increases personal confidence and knowledge through the application of writing skills through both in-class and homework writing assignments
  • Demonstrates logical and effective methods for composing complex material in formats that facilitate the flow of information to readers
  • Makes the use of day-to-day writing in emails more effective and professional
  • Assists the readers of information written by the participants
Customizing can be done to meet your specific business writing skill needs:
  • Specialized sessions focused on email are available
  • The program can be easily injected with examples and activities focused on the types of writing that are important for specific professional groups. For example, the actual writing demands of training professionals will be quite different than those of engineers, customer service technicians, etc.
  • Course length can be modified if needed to meet special needs
  • Modules can be broken into smaller segments, delivered in more sessions or fewer, where scheduling mandates such revision
  • The Spanish version is not simply a literal translation of the Effective Business Writing class. The specifics related to correct grammar and structure in Spanish replace the similar sections in the English version.
This class has a proven track record over many years. For some ATC clients we administer both pre-assessments and post-assessments. The average course length for the Effective Business Writing class is 20 hours, if the pre and post assessments are utilized.  Alternative length formats are available. We have experienced remarkable improvement of business writing skills through this course.  The improvement breaks down as follows:
  • Average improvement in grammar and sentence structure was 15.27%.
  • Average improvement in composition scores was 17.89%.
  • Overall improvement in composition appearance and organization has been tremendous
We have seen as much as a 28% improvement between pre and post assessment scores. Imagine that level of increase after only 20 hours of study.  
Comments from both learners and their managers have been outstanding. Here are example comments from a Texas based computer company.
“I received more knowledge and capability to write well in these two days of training than I received in three years of high school...”   one associate’s input following the program.
"I can tell when I open an email whether or not the person has been through the ATC Effective Business Writing course. The difference in professionalism and accuracy is clear..."   one manager's observation of the program results.

We are very pleased to help you discover solutions to today's business writing.  

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