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The demand for excellence in English Business Writing is global in nature. Now, with ATC's Virtual Instructor Led Training (VILT), both domestic and international locations within your organization can take advantage of the expertise of ATC's professional writing instruction without the cost burden of travel.
The VILT facilitation tools and process lend themselves especially well to individual and/or small group learning. Click on the items below to explore more about these options.
ATC's virtual learning processes employ the same proven strategies for teaching Effective Business Writing. The learner experiences powerful cycles of learning:
  • Presentation of concepts—powerful CBT or VILT modules enable learners to be exposed to key concepts, practice with exercises, and then receive homework assignments.  
  • Assignments—these are structured to allow the learners to put the new skills to use. Homework is sent to an ATC facilitator. Feedback on the individual assignments is provided to each learner, but the results of the homework also drive the content for the VILT sessions.
  • VILT sessions—interactive, instructor-led training over the web is used to provide personalized feedback and additional attention to skill building.
  • Cycles of learning—depending on the topic, multiple cycles of this process can be used to advance the learners’ skill building. 
Effective Business Writing is developed and learned through these cycles putting concepts to work in the assignments and then receiving feedback in order to improve understanding.
Please contact the professionals at ATC today so that we might assist your people in this critical area of written communication. 

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