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The economic challenges now faced in organizations can take a toll on your ability to provide the classes and educational content delivery that you prefer. The need for learning hasn’t disappeared, but with reductions in spending and increasing workload demands on employees, it can be hard to register the numbers of students necessary to fill classrooms. If you are experiencing this dilemma, we want to offer an option. 

Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT)
Standalone eLearning can meet the challenges at times, but not always. Some topics require facilitated participation and instructor interaction in order to achieve effective learning. Business & Email Writing and Personal Communication are but two examples of soft skills topics that require instructor availability and interaction. You learn to improve your writing, for example, through exposure to the concepts, followed by practice, then through guided feedback which enables you to assess and assimilate the new skills into your actual writing practices. ATC blends standalone computer based training (CBT) with interactive VILT to create powerful cycles of learning. This can be offered cost effectively to learners on-demand, even to individual learners, one-on-one. 
  • Presentation of concepts—powerful CBT modules enable learners to be exposed to key concepts, practice with exercises, and then receive homework assignments.  
  • Assignments—these are structured to allow the learners to put the new skills to use. Homework is sent to an ATC instructor. Feedback on the individual assignments is provided to each learner, but the results of the homework also drive the content for the VILT sessions.
  • VILT sessions—interactive, instructor-led training over the web is used to provide personalized feedback and additional attention to skill building.
  • Cycles of learning—depending on the topic, multiple cycles of this process can be used to advance the learners’ skill building. 
Benefits include:
Cost Savings – Individualized learning is accomplished for less
Training on demand – advanced scheduling of classroom sessions is no longer a limiter
No minimum number of participants is required to “make” a class
ATC blending of delivery technologies will provide an interactive, one-on-one learning experience, including on-line interaction between instructor and student
Students learn by doing – pre-work and graded assignments reinforce skills
Requirements we will assist you with:
ATC curriculum can be made available on demand.
Compression of classroom instructional materials may be required if you desire to use your existing curriculum.  This can be combined with ATC’s innovative programming process to create CBT and VILT modules that bring concepts to life for learners. (Front end investment for each course)
A scheduling process will be set up that triggers ATC to provide access for each learner to the CBT programs for each selected course.
In some instances a hard copy or downloadable measurement instrument or workbook may need to be sent to each participant as a component of the pre-work.
Interaction between learners and instructors will be facilitated on the front end of each session in order to set schedules for the VILT portions of each program.
On-line learning platform – WebEx is the product currently utilized by ATC.
Video portions of existing programs may require permissions by the publishers.

Our experts serve the training and development needs of a broad range of professions -- IT training, call center training, employee training of all kinds, leadership training, customer service applications such as call center training for management and employees, law enforcement, and much more.

We are very pleased to help you discover solutions to today's training needs during even the tough economic times.  

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