Facilitative Leadership and Other Leadership Theories, Training and Coaching

To define leadership is a big task, as there are many leadership theories along with processes for leadership and management training, development and coaching. Regardless of leadership styles and qualities, there is one way to define leadership that is simple and accurate.With facilitative and servant leadership training and development, often coupled with business or executive leadership coaching, leaders can move toward transformational leadership in place of times in the past when we simply looked for change management. The potential is tremendous! Great leaders can result!

I look to Chuck Swindoll to define leadership – “At the risk of oversimplifying…settle on one word. It’s the word influence. If you allow me two words—inspiring influence. Those who do the best job of management—those most successful as leaders—use their influence to inspire others to follow, to work harder, to sacrifice when necessary.”
With this definition of leadership, we can focus on business training and coaching that can assist our leaders to develop good and effective leadership skills.
Our business management or leadership styles or theories come into play in terms of how we set about to “influence” our organizations. These can vary from “command & control” management to the people oriented approaches such as facilitative leadership, and servant leadership. 

Below are a sample of ATC topics suited to facilitative leadership:

Vision Planning: Reaching for the Stars
Giving Back Through Stewardship
Leadership Skills for 21st Century Leaders
ABCs of Managing Change
Supervision: Leadership on the Line
The Power of Empowerment            New, additional page on Empowerment    
Interviewing Skills: Getting Beyond the Image
Effective Negotiation Skills
Building a Strategic Training Program

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Vision Planning: Reaching for the Stars

The need for “vision” and “purpose” within an organization is essential, particularly when undergoing change. Vision is a compelling force toward motivating teams and employees to embrace values and accept change. This program will help participants:  

  • Examine and evaluate values shared as a group, which are fundamentally important to creating a vision
  • Understand what is important to the customer and how to mold that into the direction the group wants to move
  • Share a sense of vision that is compelling and worth striving for
  • Create an understanding of potential barriers and action steps to move forward (Building Leaders-return to top)

Participants will discover:  

  • An understanding of the importance of defining core values
  • How to build and share a compelling vision
  • Measurable goals and objectives to achieve the vision
  • The process to devise initial actions to fulfill the vision (Building Leaders -return to top) 

Giving Back Through Stewardship

Stewardship deals with service. The level of service will change as an individual moves up in the organization. This class:  

  • Teaches leaders that skills used in the past need to be adapted to serve future needs
  • Provokes leaders to think about how they can better serve the organization as they move up
  • Inspires leaders to learn new skills and techniques to best serve the company mission

Participants will discover:  

  • Leadership strategies for best serving their organization
  • How to link individual contribution to the business mission and vision (Building Leaders-return to top)

Leadership Skills for 21st Century Leaders

Taking an innovative approach toward the principles and practices of leadership can directly impact your business’ success in today’s marketplace. This leadership workshop is designed to:  

  • Foster an understanding that service is the key to leadership progress and that stewardship is the willingness to be accountable
  • Teach a foundation of strong values, ethics and principles critical for successful leadership
  • Create an understanding that leadership style is individualized and fluid and that one must be willing to adapt to changing situations, learn new leadership techniques and become skilled at effectively teaming with other leaders
  • Demonstrate how the responsibility of leadership affects the future of the enterprise (Building Leaders-return to top)

Participants will discover:  

  • Leader behaviors for different types of people in different situations (situational leadership)
  • Techniques for encouraging empowerment
  • The elements of an ethical and truthful culture at work
  • How to best serve the organization (Building Leaders-return to top)

ABCs of Managing Change

While everyone wants to improve, no one wants to change. Change is inevitable in business and in life. An essential skill is the ability to manage change to your best advantage. This workshop is designed to:  

  • Demonstrate the value of change and effectively managing change
  • Provide strategies and processes for managing change
  • Provide techniques for moving past emotional reactions to enabling personal and organizational improvement and success (Building Leaders-return to top)

Participants will discover:

  • Change is a process and managing change is essential to being competitive in today’s marketplace
  • A variety of strategies and a process for constructing a “vision of greatness” during times of change
  • How to build effective relationships in times of change
  • The vital role of information in changing times
  • Refreshing perspectives on leadership roles during times of change (Building Leaders-return to top)

Supervision: Leadership on the Line

Front line leaders are critical to business success. They are the conduit to the front line workers for vision, information, motivation and direction. This thoughtful class will:  

  • Examine how to lead people with differences and individual preferences by exploring personal styles
  • Demonstrate the impact of stress in the workplace both on individuals and workgroups
  • Give fundamentals for successful teaming environments, reinforced through exercises and communication models to improve the ability to interact with others
  • Provide feedback from participants’ managers (Building Leaders-return to top)

Participants will discover: 

  • Supervisory behaviors and styles to improve job satisfaction
  • Effective ways to communicate with employees
  • Behaviors and techniques for developing, motivating and encouraging employees  (Building Leaders-return to top)

The Power of Empowerment             New, The Practice and Theory of Empowerment

A wide range of possibilities exist for leaders to fully empower teams to carry out the work of the organization. It is vital that leaders understand what tools are available to them. This engaging class:  

  • Examines various processes and models to ensure a more successful empowerment journey
  • Exposes pitfalls
  • Explores the various levels of empowerment through powerful interactive class activities and exercises

Participants will discover:  

  • Different leadership styles for different situations
  • Leadership behaviors and styles that support employee development and growth
  • Strategies for motivating and encouraging employees (Building Leaders-return to top)

Interviewing Skills: Getting Beyond the Image

For any organization, hiring great employees is a must. Skilled interviewers are vital to bringing those employees on board. Using an engaging combination of multi-media examples, presentation and highly interactive activities, this dynamic course will teach participants how to:  

  • Create behavior and skill-based profiles
  • Utilize templates to develop an interview guide for a specific position
  • Turn job descriptions into effective interviewing guides with job-specific questions avoiding legal complications, eliminating key hiring problems and validating data gathered
  • Incorporate a repeatable, structured process for interviewing that will yield the best possible data for turning good decisions into good hires
  • Evaluate candidates using a matrix process

Participants will practice interviewing techniques using the interview guides they created. 

Participants will discover:

  • Proven interviewing techniques
  • How to develop an interview guide
  • Effective listening skills
  • Probing techniques for gathering information (Building Leaders-return to top)

Effective Negotiation Skills

In the work environment, individuals are faced with negotiating with others as well as for the organization that they represent. Applying creativity in the negotiation process can yield collaborative results. This workshop will:  

  • Illuminate the important aspects of negotiation skills in the work environment
  • Address the different types of influence within the work environment (the influence of leaders, employees and peers)
  • Introduce various negotiation techniques and models
  • Provide a forum for dialogue and discussion, combined with experiential activities to bring the lessons to life (Building Leaders-return to top)

Participants will discover:

  • How to identify areas of their business that may require negotiation
  • Effective negotiation techniques and skills
  • How to utilize negotiation communication concepts and skills  
  • Personal strengths and opportunities for improving negotiation (Building Leaders-return to top)

Building a Strategic Training Program

Successful organizations know they need to have a well thought out, consistent training and development program—one that is in harmony with the business needs and assures a maximum return on training investment. This customized facilitation program will enable your team to:  

  • Take ownership of the training strategy and create a strong foundation leading to team success
  • Combine internal and external resources to accomplish the training mission
  • Understand the interrelationship of people, team and leadership development and the vital linkage to business objectives (Building Leaders-return to top)

Participants will discover:  

  • Strategies for organizational development
  • How to link training initiatives to bottom line results and organization mission
  • How to develop training plans appropriate to individuals and teams (Building Leaders-return to top)
  "We appreciated their integrity, flexibility and adaptability in meeting our standards, and their in-depth experience in addressing leaders in times of complex change.”
---Senior Associate, Leadership & Organizational Development, World Vision International


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