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In Search of Significance

Many organizational leaders are in spiritual pain because of the compartmentalized lives that they feel forced into. It appears as though their Christianity must be kept in a box, saved for Sundays, family and friends. The majority of their waking hours are spent on business without the benefit of the most powerful dimension of life to navigate toward success: their faith in Christ.
This course is designed to:  

  • Examine the need for congruence between faith and our business practices
  • Current activity and possibilities in marketplace ministries
  • Explore possibilities for living out Christianity in the context of our businesses/workplaces
  • Identify the potential impact of living our faith within our vocation (Kingdom Work-return to top)

Participants will discover:

  • Current examples of successful marketplace ministry applications
  • How their sphere of influence can be positively impacted with Christian behaviors
  • The impact of truth in creating a work environment of trust and a climate of grace
  • How to begin applying these principles in their specific workplaces (Kingdom Work-return to top) 

 Beyond Great

This powerful set of leadership development programs was created by ATC for Leadership Development International and is now adapted and presented for applications in the United States in partnership with them. Using the work of Jim Collins and teamed with research-based Good to Great, this set of tools is designed to help leaders obtain Christian-based transformation in their organizations. These apply to corporations, as well as churches and Christian organizations. The courses are designed to:  

  • Illustrate how leader transformation in Christ can lead to organizational transformation
  • Stimulate discovery of the elements necessary to lead an organization through the Beyond Great process
  • Reveal how to use essential Christian tools in a journey of transformation (Kingdom Work-return to top)

Participants will discover:  

  • The essence of transformation critical to take an organization to greater levels of achievement and success
  • Distinctions between “good,” “great,” and “Beyond Great” organizational performance
  • The process and tools to combine the mind, heart and action to bring about transformation
  • The potential gains and impact possible for individuals and organizations transformed in Christ (Kingdom Work-return to top) 

Beyond Great Thought

How we chose to think about things will ultimately impact our behaviors and activities. Jesus often reached people first by engaging how they think. He was the master at using stories, examples/metaphors, and great questions to provoke critical thought that could lead to transformation. Two classes founded in Beyond Great principles have been created to apply to this critical area of leadership:  

  • Transforming Truth—an environment where truth is understood and recognized as contributing to trust in all of our business relations.
  • Transforming Focus—staying keenly attentive to the Christ-centered business imperatives. In this day and age of lighting-paced change, many distractions can take a leader and organization off course. This important principle can overcome that.

Participants will discover:

  • Types of truth—some absolute, others relative
  • Five laws of perceptions and their impact on the search for truth
  • Specific skills that are critical in the quest for creating an environment of transforming truth
  • How to identify the “corporate soul” of their organization
  • Measurement tools, similar to “balanced scorecards", etc., that will stretch them to consider ultimate impact of the organization
  • The concept of “triple bottom line” (Kingdom Work-return to top) 

Beyond Great People

The people of an organization are critical to success. The best products and services will thrive in the marketplace only if the “right people” are in place and prepared to take it there. Two classes in this program construct a framework for:  

  • Transforming Leaders—Biblically-based leadership attitudes and actions that can take an organization forward to achieve new levels of impact.
  • Transforming Teams—principles for composing the “right” people into team environments where they can truly excel and take their performance to higher levels.

Participants will discover:

  • Attributes critical to achieve influential leadership
  • Real practices of transforming leaders—Christ-centered examples
  • Techniques for setting and focusing on priorities
  • Examples of powerful teams
  • Processes critical to create and maintain a transforming leadership team
  • Powerful processes for empowering an organization (Kingdom Work-return to top) 

Beyond Great Action

At the end of the day, it is the actions taken that propel an organization forward. The two classes in this series focus on two elements critical for all strategic activities to have success:  

  • Transforming Discipline—The Bible is rich with examples where discipline is critical to outcomes. This class explores current examples to further demonstrate that our organizational discipline is supremely important.
  • Transforming Perseverance—This class focuses on the capacity to stick to the strategies critical for success, especially in the most demanding of circumstances and times. (Kingdom Work-return to top)

Participants will discover:

  • Four leadership behaviors critical to develop personal discipline
  • The definition of organizational discipline and the processes to achieve it
  • Critical disciplines for keeping an organization on course
  • Examples of great perseverance from the Bible and contemporary organizations
  • Keys to maintaining a victorious perspective
  • Processes critical to building the momentum necessary to persevere through challenges (Kingdom Work-return to top) 

Biblical Foundations for Leadership

From front-line supervision through middle management to executive levels of leadership, this set of classes is designed to help prepare leaders in Christian organizations for the most demanding of assignments and challenges. The sessions are designed to:  

  • Compose and combine many classical leadership development tools, models and skills, including areas such as situational leadership, empowerment models, change management processes, etc., and apply them to Christian environments.
  • Create the Biblical foundation that can reveal the true power that exists in these leadership processes.

Participants will discover:

  • Powerful communication models and processes for local settings as well as global applications
  • Tools to empower Christian-based organizations
  • Resources and techniques for implementing coaching and mentoring processes to assure the advancement and development of people in an organization
  • Self-care leadership topics, including stress management
  • Servant leadership tools and techniques
  • Techniques for organizational navigation—leading with vision and focus (Kingdom Work-return to top) 

Church Leadership

Leadership in today’s churches needs to involve and include much more than the pastor and/or pastoral team. While pastoral leadership is important, leadership development with the lay people is also a powerful enabler. This set of classes is tailored specifically to:  

  • Help prepare leaders for the demands of leadership in this 21st century.
  • Provide illustrations in the context of the church as each leadership tool and technique is explored.

Participants will discover:  

  • Powerful communication models and processes for church applications
  • Important communication processes and tools for use in communities served by a church.
  • Tools to grow and empower church leaders
  • Elements required to make the church a place of grace
  • Tools and techniques that enable church leaders to model Christ’s example of servant leadership
  • Techniques for organizational navigation—leading with vision and focus; engaging and sharing the direction with the congregation (Kingdom Work-return to top) 


The teaching responsibilities to building Christian disciples in communities and organizations are critical in helping people mature in their faith. This should never be left to chance, or simply left to whoever might be available. This powerful ATC class is designed to:  

  • Provide proven training and facilitation techniques and how to apply them to Christian teaching and facilitation applications
  • Focus on adult learning processes, but also demonstrate how the course can be modified for youth teaching applications

Participants will discover:

  • A variety of individual and group learning processes to increase engagement and learning
  • How to compose classroom techniques to best serve a particular class audience
  • Powerful experiential learning concepts—how to bring learning to life
  • When and how to apply audio/visual enhancements to facilitate learning
  • Techniques and options for providing fresh and motivating learning experiences (Kingdom Work-return to top) 

Teaching Biblical Principles

In addition to “train-the-trainer” techniques and facilitated learning processes, this class series will engage learners in systematic processes for bringing scripture to life in class and study group settings. These classes are designed to:  

  • Create and build Christian educators toward mastering their ability to share the Word with learners
  • Teach and demonstrate processes for studying and preparing scriptural elements
  • Build Christian educators, who can apply appropriate techniques to help learners see the Biblical context and the relevance of the lessons in life today

Participants will discover:

  • Systematic theology fundamentals important to lesson development
  • Processes for designing and preparing lesson plans
  • Delivery options that can be used in a wide range of educational settings
  • Techniques for making Christian education a stimulating, guided discovery of the magnificent Word of God
  • Their strengths and opportunities via participative teaching simulations that give them feedback on their techniques
  • Techniques to monitor and improve their skills in future work and applications (Kingdom Work-return to top)


   “We engaged ATC to custom-design and deliver a training program that incorporated team dynamics and competencies, and organization culture, strategies, decisions and initiatives. Through their training, we were able to improve team empowerment, communication and contributions. ATC’s expertise, energy and enthusiasm were critical to our organization’s success.”
---Project Manager, International Telecommunications Company


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