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April 2011, Puzzles, River Crossing 1
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Simple word puzzles, or riddles, can be great assets in creativity and problem solving classes.  The following is courtesy of Greg Michalak.
If you have examples that you have had great teachning experiencs with, please share them via your comments to this blog.

Crossing the Bridge 

There are four people who want to cross a bridge. They all begin on the same

side. You have 17 minutes to get all of them across to the other side.  Here are the facts about the challenge:

  • It is night.
  • There is one flashlight.
  • A maximum of two people can cross at one time and any party who crosses, either one or two people, must have a flashlight.
  • The flashlight must be walked back and forth. It cannot be tossed, thrown, etc.
  • Each person walks at a different speed.  A pair must walk together at the rate of the slower person's pace.

     Person #1: 1 minute to cross

     Person #2: 2 minutes to cross

     Person #3: 5 minutes to cross

     Person #4: 10 minutes to cross


For example, if Person #1 and Person #4 walk across first, 10 minutes have

elapsed when they get to the other side. If Person #4 returns with the flashlight, a total of 20 minutes have passed and you failed the mission.

Be sure to give this puzzle a try before you look at the solution steps below.  Enjoy! 





People 1 & 2 cross.                                           2 minutes

Person 1 returns with the light.                       1 minute

(the next move is the one usually missed)

People 3 & 4 cross.                                         10 minutes

Person 2 returns the light.                                2 minutes

People 1 & 2 cross.                                           2 minutes

                                                          Total         17 minutes 

Puzzles can expand how people  and teams approach problems, stretching them to consider solution steps that may hold important promise for their success.

Enjoy the learning experience,





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