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Renewed Focus on Teams
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We want to share an interesting observation with you – the most searched part of our website in the past few months is on the topic of team development. In addition, the number of hits has increased dramatically in the past two months.

What might this suggest? Well, one thought is that many organizations are feeling a special area of pain following recent restructurings and staff reductions. Many of these same companies have leaders that recognize that strong teams can be an essential ingredient to pull through tough times and move on towards a healthy recovery.
Existing team structures are often upset significantly through the processes of re-organization, and new or increased investment in team development can be very useful to re-build damaged team structures.
It will be interesting to see how this materializes in the coming months as we see more companies begin to reinvest in people and organizational development. We will provide you with updates through this blog.
In some cases, re-establishing high levels of empowerment will be critical because of the reductions among leadership teams.
There is one powerful and critical suggestion that we would emphasize – equip your leaders and teams with solid knowledge about the processes of empowerment.
Avoid mistakes that were often made in the past. Many managers rushed toward empowerment, recognizing the potential that exists in a highly empowered team environment. Unfortunately, they did not understand the process, and the result was “entitlement” rather than empowerment, which is a very negative and costly organizational illness.
Push to move your leaders and teams along the “empowerment journey,” but take the time and make the investment to do it correctly.

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