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Reflections from Good to Great and Beyond Great, part 13

With Beyond Great we are shooting for more. We want a spiritual foundation that will underpin our business practices and set the stage for real impact.   

The basis of true transformation is the acquisition of a new nature. In other words, we replace the old nature with a new one.
The difference between “conformed” and “transformed” may be clearer with a simple example from nature.
A chameleon may change its color, but by nature it is still the same chameleon—it is not transformed. It is destined to always be a chameleon. It may grow bigger. Its colors may vary to “conform” to its surroundings, but it is still the same creature. It is always going to be a chameleon.
Now consider a caterpillar. It starts life having one nature, but along the way it undergoes a fundamental change, a “transformation.” It becomes a new creation. Thus, what starts as a caterpillar experiences a radical change in its nature, becoming a thing of real beauty, a butterfly.  
Schema – (Greek) an outer change in appearance only.
Metamorphoo – (Greek) an outer change as a result of the inner nature.
The transformation to a butterfly is something beautiful and amazing. The metaphor of the butterfly is powerful at another level, too. 
It is awesome to realize that the caterpillar has everything it needs in terms of potential already within it. It is born equipped with the DNA and ability to make this beautiful transformation. 
In a similar fashion, we can transform—within our hearts we already have the potential.
More to come...

Larry Meeker
President, Advanced Team Concepts



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