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Reflections from Good to Great and Beyond Great, part 14

As we discussed last time, our desire is for a spiritual foundation that will successfully underpin our organizations.

True transformation happens when there is a change of character/nature. 

Now, to consider transformation for a company, we will need to think deeply about how it can experience a change of character.
We can see that corporate transformation will not be found in a single model. 
Given that, it is useful to have a process. That is where Beyond Great fits in. Instead of trying to fit into a model, we will be working on steps to help the transformation emerge from within. 
We are talking about a process. We are talking about a journey. Our purpose is to transform the corporation to a higher purpose. 
On our journey we will include these major pieces:
  • How we think — Transforming truth
   Transforming focus
  • Our practices regarding people — Transforming leadership
Transforming teams
  • Our ability to act and press forward — Transforming discipline
Transforming perseverance
How can we transform our company to the higher purpose of its potential? That is our question.

Larry Meeker
President, Advanced Team Concepts



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