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Reflections from Good to Great and Beyond Great, part 16

Last time we used John Newton as an example of personal transformation.

Newton transformed. It began at his core, in his soul. Let’s think for a minute about our core, the pieces that cut to our very souls.

In the diagram below are the elements of our makeup.
  • Mind—our intellect
    Our minds contain what we think and believe.
  • Heart—our desire
    In our hearts we find values, feelings and emotions, as well as our longings and passions.
  • Will—our drive to act
    Our wills drive and influence what we do and to what we will commit.


In some ways you could say these three areas define us. They represent who we are. It is at the center of the diagram, where these elements overlap, that we can start to envision what is at our core.
Next time we will begin to examine each of these three areas individually.
Have a great week,
Larry Meeker
President, Advanced Team Concepts


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