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BAM Resources

Searching for BAM resouces to share, I came upon this list of books on the topic.  That particular website stated that these were the "top" books on the subject.  Click on individual titles to view more information.

  1. God is at Work :: Ken Eldred
  2. Lausanne Forum Papers
  3. Business as Mission :: Michael Baer
  4. On Kingdom Business :: Eldred and Yamamori
  5. Great Commission Companies :: Steven Rundle and Tom Steffen
  6. Marketplace Christianity :: Robert Fraser - (NEW to the List)
  7. Business for the Glory of God :: Wayne Grudem
  8. God at Work :: David Miller
  9. Kingdom Catalyst :: Johnny Combs
  10. Doing God's Business :: Paul Stevens
  11. Tentmaking :: Patrick Lai
  12. Transformation :: Ed Silvoso - (NEW to the List)
  13. Business as a Calling :: Michael Novak
  14. Devotional Ventures :: Corey Cleek
  15. Annointed for Business :: Ed Silvoso
  16. Convergence :: Brett Johnson
  17. God at Work :: Rich Marshall
  18. Where there are no jobs :: David Befus (NEW to the List)
  19. Kingdom Companies :: Knoblauch and Opprecht
  20. Transform the World :: Nordstrom
  21. Entreprenuer's Creed :: Oster and Hamel
  22. Business as Mission :: Steffen and Barnett
  23. The Gods of Business :: Albertson
  24. Loving Mondays :: Beckett
  25. Galtrnoics Story :: William Goheen
If you have read from this list, please post your comments and/or recommendation for us to read.


BAM Best Practices
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best practices, examples

As movement continues to increase for Business as Missions, it is worthwhile to keep an eye on what is being learned around the globe.  It can be especially useful to read summaries of what organizations are finding to be “best practices.”  The following is one such summary, pulled from the on-line paper, Business as Mission Through the Lens of Development by David Bronkema and Christopher M. Brown, both having experience and responsibilities through Eastern University.

Their summary of 15 best practices was based on a survey of Business as Mission practitioners and theorists working in 11 countries.  The majority were working in Asia.   
1 Working with a sending agency is a recommended practice for BAM.
2 Capital should be obtained on an investment not a grant basis.
3 BAM practitioners should work in teams.
4 Teams should be multicultural.
5 The local language should be studied and learned as well as possible.
6 The local culture should be studied and learned as well as possible.
7 The business strives to be profitable and sustainable in the long term.
8 The business has a system of accountability.
9 Compensation can be a combination of salary from the company and support as
long as there is transparency.
10 The business should have a written business plan.
11 The business should have updated yearly goals for the business plan.
12 The business should have a written spiritual impact plan.
13 The business should have updated yearly goals for the spiritual impact plan.
14 The business should be proactive in intercession.
15 The business should actively seek the prayer support of others.
Many thanks to the outstanding efforts that are being made to share learning and knowledge so that the impact of BAM can increase around the globe.






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