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Bringing Online Learning to LifeCurriculum Development for Virtual Training

In today's global organizations it can be very difficult to bring people together for in-class training.  ATC is on the leading edge of blended learning which combines both Computer Based Training (CBT) and Web Based Training (WBT) to meet this challenge.  At times they are blended together.  At times the blended learning is with traditional instruction.  Within this online education technology, ATC applies its adult learning expertise to develop creative and engaging eLearning curriculum programs based on the client’s objectives and needs. The results are cost effective training solutions and online courses that can reach your people around the globe.

Whether your online education is to develop leadership, customer service skills such as contact center e-learning or call center e-learning, or more deeply specialized skill building, please contact the eLearning design specialists at ATC.

CBT -- This eLearning mode provides self-paced study.  It can serve the training mission in several ways:

  • Instructional pre-work - steps essential to prepare for a class
  • Foundational knowledge - to be elaborated upon in later training
  • Self-study - information resources that can be self-paced
  • Complete courses - self-study modules that stand alone, including examinations

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ATC’s interactive eLearning processes will stimulate your learners to engage and think deeply about the learned principles in relation to the work and mission of your organization.

WBT -- This eLearning mode has the advantage of live instructors to guide and facilitate the learning.

  • Instructor led courses - complete training modules that feature live instruction
  • CBT follow on - tailored to re-inforce and amplify self-study modules
  • Feedback - instructor led individualized information based on prior work
  • Systems experience - facilitated on-line work on systems and software tools

Blended eLearning
ATC can combine CBT, WBT, and in-class work to efficiently guide learners to master information and processes. 

Effective eLearning design and facilitation is like a high tech art, providing participants with innovative learning platforms. 

ATC eLearning curriculum designers build techniques for engagement into each lesson plan.  The techniques contain solid structure, combined with activities, to help your people converge toward learning objectives that will improve your organization’s performance.


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