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Our experts serve the training and development needs of a broad range of professions -- IT training, call center training, employee training of all kinds, leadership training, customer service applications such as call center training for management and employees, law enforcement, and much more.

Curriculum development is provided for in-class instruction, as well as both standalone elearning, on-line classes, and blended learning which combines these methods in cost effective ways.

The ATC curriculum design and development package includes:

  • Facilitation courses -- meeting the detailed facilitation training needs of future instructors.  Our comprehensive facilitator training manuals guide and prepare the way for course delivery.
    • ATC provides excellent train the trainer programs for training courses
  • Participant materials -- combining books, handouts and exercise materials
  • Audio and visual tools -- including PowerPoint presentations, videos, audio recordings and more
  • Instruction -- ATC expert instructors can deliver the required training courses

ATC's Curriculum Design Theory
ATC Approach 

ATC's Curriculum Design and Develop Theory         Request more information…

  1. Engaging participants leads to creativity and learning

Adult learning can be maximized through the engagement of participants in a wide variety of forms: 

  • Experiential activities
  • Case studies
  • Multi-media enhancement
  • Facilitated dialogues

ATC’s curriculum will allow your trainers to stimulate involvement and creativity and provoke participants to think about the learned principles in relation to the work and mission of your organization.

  1. Involving participants leads to ownership

Ownership of the concepts and goals developed in a workshop, and more importantly, ownership of the subsequent actions expected in the workplace, is extremely important for successful organizations.

ATC’s interactive method of effective workshop curriculum composition promotes ownership and motivates participants to follow through.  

  1. Facilitating the learning processes leads to empowerment

Effective facilitation is like an art, freeing participants to diverge in the generation of creative ideas and actions.

ATC curriculum designers build facilitation techniques into each lesson plan. This allows your organization’s trainers to guide learning processes that stimulate participant thinking, balanced with an adequate amount of structure to keep the classes focused. The techniques contain enough solid structure to help your groups converge toward learning objectives and activities that will improve your organization’s performance. (Curriculum development-return to top)

ATC approach                               Request more information…
ATC’s innovative approach to curriculum projects includes the following:

  • ATC professionals work quickly to gain deep comprehension of the knowledge and processes to be embraced in the training.
  • Curriculum designers often go on-site at the client’s location to work with knowledge experts in the field to sharpen comprehension of the subject matter. For example, in designing federal law enforcement management classes, ATC worked side-by-side with inspectors in airports and land ports, rode along with Border Patrol Agents at night, and stood with Information Officers and Examiners as they dealt with the public.
  • ATC designers use their experience from the field, coupled with continual contact with subject matter experts to create an engaging training process that can be taught in the context of the real world people live and work in.
  • ATC designs activities and simulations to allow your participants to experience and practice the concepts and skills taught in a realistic setting.
  • The diversity and depth of experience of the ATC team assures programs will be on target and achieve lasting results and impact for the organization. Example areas and industries include:
    • Spiritual Leadership Development—design and delivery of powerful state-of-the-art leadership programs for international Christian organizations.
    • Information Technology—design and delivery of Software Development Methodology curriculum for an international distributor of software and computer products.
    • Cycle Time and Business Performance—design and production of curriculum and learning materials in many languages to support the rollout of vital business process enhancements. For example, to support a major airline catering company, curriculum included course processes from management through the front-line kitchen operators who are key to company performance.
    • Law Enforcement Leadership—specialized management curriculum to support the technical skill needs for federal law enforcement supervisors and managers.
    • Disaster and Crisis Intervention—curriculum designed to prepare facilitators to help in the aftermath of natural disasters and/or other types of community crisis. ATC’s faith-based training programs in this vital area were deployed following hurricanes Katrina & Rita in the USA. This same curriculum is now being adopted for proactive preparation in disaster recovery in Europe.
    • Professional Writing—ATC’s innovative approach to this critical communication skill area is to bring the writing curriculum to life in the context of the specific organizations where it will be deployed. Comprehending the written communication challenges across different levels and positions within the organization is a key.
    • Customer Service, Leadership Development, Teamwork and Team Building, and much more have been included in specific curriculum design projects for ATC clients. In addition to design, ATC provides powerful training workshops to prepare your trainers/facilitators in the delivery of the curriculum. These train-the-trainer programs combine in-depth introduction to the subject matter with teaching and facilitation skill instruction that will equip trainers to excel in their delivery.  (Curriculum development-return to top)                            

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