Structured Facilitation Processes and Technology

ATC provides professional structured group facilitation in English, Spanish and more. The ATC team pulls from its broad range of workshop facilitation tools and techniques to compose structured facilitation processes that can guide your group toward its objectives.
In today’s time-driven organizations, fast facilitation processes are applied to accelerate progress. Meeting facilitation can be as critical as multi-day workshop facilitation.

  • Facilitation technology is applied by ATC when virtual workshop facilitation is required. 
  • A variety of team facilitation methods are used for both virtual and face-to-face workshops and meetings.
  • An experienced ATC team of facilitators is used for large group interventions.

ATC facilitators and certified professional facilitators (CPFs) have a passion for facilitator training, whether it is guidance with basic meeting facilitation skills or more advanced facilitation training. Let ATC design a specialized facilitation course for your organization.  The following are typical examples of facilitation applications:

Vision Planning: Reaching for the Stars
Building a Strategic Training Program
Creating “Win-Wins” Through Facilitation  

Addtional information/examples:

Vision Planning: Reaching for the Stars

The need for “vision” and “purpose” within an organization is essential, particularly when undergoing change. Vision is a compelling force toward motivating teams and employees to embrace values and accept change. This program will help participants:  

  • Examine and evaluate values shared as a group, which are fundamentally important to creating a vision
  • Understand what is important to the customer and how to mold that into the direction the group wants to move
  • Share a sense of vision that is compelling and worth striving for
  • Create an understanding of potential barriers and action steps to move forward

Participants will discover:  

  • An understanding of the importance of defining core values
  • How to build and share a compelling vision
  • Measurable goals and objectives to achieve the vision
  • The process to devise initial actions to fulfill the vision (Facilitation-return to top)

Building a Strategic Training Program

Successful organizations know they need to have a well thought out, consistent training and development program—one that is in harmony with the business needs and assures a maximum return on training investment. This customized facilitation program will enable your team to:  

  • Take ownership of the training strategy and create a strong foundation leading to team success
  • Combine internal and external resources to accomplish the training mission
  • Understand the interrelationship of people, team and leadership development and the vital linkage to business objectives

Participants will discover:  

  • Strategies for organizational development
  • How to link training initiatives to bottom line results and organization mission
  • How to develop training plans appropriate to individuals and teams (Facilitation-return to top)

Creating “Win-Wins” Through Facilitation

To facilitate means to make easy. This applies to communication, problem solving, planning or any number of business processes. This course introduces:  

  • Facilitation tools and techniques to guide and direct groups as they work together to accomplish various goals
  • Techniques ranging from classical brainstorming to the advanced “Appreciative Inquiry”
  • Valuable processes for anyone who is responsible for leading and directing group activities and meetings

Participants will discover:

  • Effective communication techniques
  • Achieving collaborative or “win-win” solutions
  • The value of asking questions
  • Effective brainstorming models and techniques (Facilitation-return to top)



  “Whether we needed training for our senior level managers or front line managers, ATC always delivered. I could count on them to get it right the first time, even against aggressive deadlines.”
---Director of Worldwide Leadership Development, Manufacturing Company



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